video strategy quiz

Find out what types of videos are best for your business

Video Strategy Quiz
Do you care more about seeing a fast ROI from your videos or or seeing more gains over a longer time?
Do you have any special offers or promotions going on?
Is increasing engagement on social media a priority?
Do your leads fully understand the outcomes you can provide?
How well known is your brand amongst your target audience?
How important is building trust with new leads?
How valuable do you find word of mouth referrals in your business?
How would you rate the importance of improving traffic and conversions on your website?
How often do you find customers struggling to understand what you offer?
How often do you need to explain to leads the value in what you offer.
Do you utilize email marketing?
How important is improving open rates and conversions on email campaigns?
How much of a priority is improving your close rate on sales?
How often do you face customer objections in the sales process?
How would you rate your customer retention?
How well do customers utilize your product or service?
Of the customers that leave, how many do so because what they received wasn't what they expected?
How often do you have to answer common questions to customers and leads?
Do you expect to be hiring a lot of new staff over the next year?
Do you spend a lot of resources training staff?
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